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Welcome to my LJ where I will share anything from blog rants to resources to insanity. Everything comes free of charge, of course. While you get to know the more "out there" part of me, feel free to browse my numerous entries, scoping for anything you like.


I am a 14-year-old girl who simply appears normal. But at night, when the full moon is high in the sky, my eyes flash slightly as I change into the form of . . .

Take two! *waves* Okay, that little episode is probably never going to happen. A bit about me though:

&& I love to do anything that has to do with arts, such as drawing, painting, writing, etc.
&& I must admit, I am on the computer for more hours than I should be, but I simply love making graphics, which is why I am typing in this small box.
&& I use a program called Serif PhotoPlus 6.0 (which is extremely hard to cooperate with, unfortunately).
&& My name is Sherry, and 9/10 times, I'm quite friendly, but be warned, don't do anything to piss me off, or else my friendly demeanor will be gone in an instant.
&& I am quite a stickler for punctuation and capatilization, but I suck at grammar and spelling most of the time.
&& I have strong loyalties, am quite righteous, and have very firm opinions.
&& Basically, overall, I simply want everyone to enjoy themselves.


&& Please follow the individual rules that are provided in each post (usually concerning the graphics I'm offering to the public)

&& Credit is not required in all cases (concerning tutorials and such) but it is always appreciated. I would love it immensly if you would provide a link back to my LJ if you use graphics of mine profusely. Here are a four buttons you can use to link me back.


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